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original work from my M.phil research thesis


For the last more than a year, Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating influence and impact on the entire world phenomenal impact on all aspects of role in shifting people to the virtual world. The main aim of the study was to explore the perceptions of Postgraduate Research Scholars about adapting Digital Libraries. Using a quantitative research design, 100 male and female postgraduate research scholars were selected through simple random sampling from two universities. A 5-point Likert scale with closed ended questionnaire was used for gathering data from the participants. SPSS version 23 was used to analyze the collected data. Technology Adoption Model and t-test were used for evaluating differences between group data. Main findings of the study show that there is a significant impact of system quality on ease of use, library assistance on ease of use accessibility on ease of use and complexity on ease of use. Moreover, the findings also show that there is significant influence of Navigation on Ease of Use, and Self-Computer Efficiency has a significant influence on Usefulness, Knowledge and Search Domain and Material Availability has a significant effect on Usefulness. Furthermore, the result of Usefulness of HEC digital Library has effect on Ease of Use; similarly, ease of use has a significant effect on adaptation and usefulness of HEC digital Library on adaptation of Digital Library. As for Gender-based users using HEC Digital Library, the findings show that there is difference found in usage of digital library among male and female scholars. There is a need for conducting research throughout Pakistan, using mixed-methods and qualitative research designs on both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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