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This paper is tailored towards investigating the teaching and learning of Entrepreneurship as a compulsory course of study as a means of combating the high rate of unemployment among Nigerian undergraduates. It focused on assessment of entrepreneurship education undertaken by Library and Information Science students in Imo State University, Owerri. It was guided by five (5) research questions. Survey research design was adopted for the study while the 87 final students of Library and Information Science in the 2019/20 academic session was the population of the study. Rating scale was used as instrument for data collection and frequencies and percentages were used to analyse the data collected. Findings of the study showed that: the major contents of Entrepreneurship Education in Imo State University are business skills, preservation techniques, electronic resource management, strategic planning and developing business plan; the methods adopted in Entrepreneurship Education are experimental/practical learning, practical projects/presentations and interactive learning; resources available for Entrepreneurship Education are; qualified lecturers, textbooks and raw materials. It was further discovered that Inculcating the spirit of self-reliance, helping to fight unemployment, helping individuals to explore their strengths and encouraging small/medium scale enterprises are the perceived benefits of entrepreneurship Education by the students. The factors militating against effective Entrepreneurship Education are no equipped laboratories and inadequate lecture halls. It was recommended that: the course content should be tailored towards library related areas, visiting entrepreneurship centres should be adopted which will help to widen the knowledge of the students and school management should provide equipped laboratories for Entrepreneurship Education and enough lecture halls among others.



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