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The purpose of this study was to examine and visualize lecturers' writings submitted to the Mataram State Islamic University's institutional repository during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study used bibliometric analysis with the total number of publications was 166 documents in various types.The results indicated that journal articles accounted for 42.16 percent (n=70) of all publications and more than half (65.66%) of total publications were authored in Indonesian language. Additionally, it was discovered that the terms pendidikan (education) and pembelajaran (learning) were the two most frequent terms in all type of publications, appearing 10,714 and 9,834 times respectively. Furthermore, this study discovered that Abdul Wahid was the most prolific author, while Abdul Quddus was the most collaborative one. This research also found that the terms covid-19 and pendidikan (education) were the most frequently occurring words combined in a single document with at least three co-occurrences. This study was expected to encourage lecturers to have publications and deposited into the institutional repository. It will benefit both lecturers and university in national and international scale.



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