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The aim of the present study was to explore the research trends in the field of “literacy”. From 1917 to June 2020, 3,35,893 documents were found by using “all fields” in Scopus. To explore the overall trend (of the 3,35,893 publications) we selected 9,52,642 keywords for categorization. Later we selected 32, 020 publications which represented the “literacy” word in only titles of the research documents. From these publications 74, 624 words were analyzed and arranged in eight (8) categories i.e., humans and subjects (43%), education (17%), literacy (8%), health (7%), information technology (6%), types of illiteracies (4%) and countries (3%). We calculated the percent relative growth rate (% RGR) and doubling (Dt) of the publications (after 2000). We also performed the detail bibliometric analysis of the two thousand (2000) most cited documents with focus on co-authorship, citations, co-citations, and co-words analysis. The list of top 50 authors, institutes, and countries (after 2000) with maximum number of publications and citations is also provided. The present report may provide a general idea about the trend and development in the field of literacy.