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The purpose of this paper is to analyze trends and patterns of library marketing research results using statistical and co-word analysis with a systematic review. After going through the screening results in the Scopus database, the search results yielded 287 documents in library marketing from 1977 to mid-2021. The analysis results will produce publications, citations, sources, countries, keywords, and topic clusters. The library marketing research trend tends to increase every year, with the most citations related to social media marketing in the library. The primary source of publications in the last three years has been Library Philosophy and Practice. The United States is the most productive country with the highest citations. Four cluster topics are formed: social media aspects in public libraries, promotion of library services, marketing context as an academic library strategy, and information services in university libraries. Recent research topics discuss a lot about digital marketing channels in libraries. The result of this paper provides an additional overview of the library marketing research map.