Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 8-22-2021

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The paper highlighted the collection management and services of the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGV) Library and the Tripura University (TU) Library. The study was anchored to investigate the type of users, kind of Library, staff strength, mode of acquisition, classification scheme, collection management, user satisfaction, and Library services. The study also gives information about the RGU Library and TU Library. A structured questionnaire was designed and randomly distributed to 100 respondents, where 95 responded questionnaires were received. The Library has its collection management policies for selection, acquisition, and other Library activities, as may be seen. Both departments are responsible for creating a list of their required materials and submitting it to the library committee for final approval for the document selection process. Findings show that both the University Library users would enjoy a bigger space and a larger structure to accommodate them and make the Library more adaptable.