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Spring 8-24-2021


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A normative survey was undertaken to determine the attitudes of B.Ed. student teachers concerning the Madurai district's digital library. A sample of 200 students and teachers from various colleges in the Madurai area of Tamil Nadu. The Digital Library Attitude Scale was employed in this study as a tool (DLAS). Statistical approaches such as percentage analysis, mean, and standard deviation were used to analyse the data. . In terms of gender, the findings show that there is a considerable disparity between rural and urban students' attitudes toward digital libraries. When comparing male and female students in their Digital library Attitude, female students (117.96) had a greater Digital library Attitude than male students (M=106.32). The results demonstrate that there is a considerable difference between the two groups. The findings demonstrate that there is a considerable variation in Digital library Attitude with respect to locality between rural and urban students. When comparing rural and urban students in terms of their Digital library Attitude, urban students (120.96) outperform rural students (M=107.96) in terms of locality. In terms of marital status, there is a substantial difference between married and unmarried students in their Digital library Attitude. When comparing married and unmarried students' Digital library Attitude, single students (116.87) had a greater degree of Digital library Attitude than married students (M=107.73).,