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This paper aims to gauge the impact of internet blockade on the research students pursuing research in Kashmir post abrogation of article 370 of Indian constitution that granted political autonomy to erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir. In order to collect the data survey method was employed. A close-ended questionnaire was distributed among the select group. The data for the study was gathered from these questionnaires as per the objectives was analysed and interpreted to reach logical conclusions. The study revealed that the majority (76.92%) of researchers are of the view that the internet is a backbone for education and research. In the absence of the internet facility, the majority of research students (74.04%) were not able to pursue their research, while the research work of 61.54% was extremely hampered by 76-100%. It was also observed that the majority of researchers (78.85%) failed to complete their research in a set timeline, thereby hampering their academic growth. Majority of the research students (77.88%) failed to access the internet in e-kiosks setup by the administration due to the huge rush outside these centres while 42.31% migrated to mainland India avail internet facility. The study also explored the information seeking pattern of respondents before the internet blockade and it was observed that the majority of scholars (80.77%) consulted both print and online sources of information before the blockade. The researchers also claimed that resources of the library are not current and comprehensive.

The study can be a good starting point for the researchers to understand how people cope with limited information sources, in the absence of the internet. It will also be beneficial for the information scientists in making plans and strategies for tackling such e-crises in the future.

The study does not claim to be the final word in this matter as respondents were limited to only one university though university under study is the oldest and major source of imparting higher education in Kashmir valley.