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Summer 8-25-2021


While technology has enabled academic libraries to go digital, it requires a librarian with great knowledge and real-world experience to perform the job well. To address this issue, a librarian equipped with skills for digitization and digitalization is key. Academic libraries have always used digitalization to encourage librarian behaviors. This research examines the effects of negative/positive librarian behavior patterns on student personality and academic performance immediately. The project is an endeavor to better understand how teachers' actions impact their students' performance and personality. The present study acknowledges the library education dynamics and the way that student performance and personality are linked to librarian behaviors, specifically in the context of advanced public universities (HEIs). This research involved administering surveys to Pakistani students at HEIs. The investigator requested the students of the HEIs to respond to positive and negative behavior and attitude as exhibited by the librarians. The students proposed that professors and faculty tell students how the behavior of librarians influences their own performance and personality. The investigation found that the student's academic performance and personality were strongly impacted by the librarian's positive feelings, while the librarian's attitude was greatly influenced by the student's performance. This research also offers managerial implications and directions for future study.