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I wish to take this as an opportunity to submit a paper “Assessment of student-faculty choices on Digital Resources: A case study of Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar” for publication in an esteemed journal “Library Philosophy and Practice". The paper is an insight to assess the student-faculty choices towards digital resources. More specifically, study focus on major aspects like awareness and use of digital resources, reasons of preference, whether digital resources has eased the task of research and the possibility of libraries getting print less in future.

The manuscript is my own work and has not been submitted to any other journal for review.

Thanks and Regards

Dr. Kulveen Kaur

Assistant Librarian

Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha Library

Punjabi University



Universities are pioneer in adopting digital platform as a new mainstream. The inclusion of digital resources in university libraries has steered the education system deeper towards digital learning. To gather insight into student-faculty choices on digital resources, a survey on 183 subjects’ of Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar was conducted focusing on major aspects related to use of digital resources. Student-faculty awareness and frequency of using digital resources; their preferences towards different digital resources; reasons for their preferences as well the possibilities of libraries getting print less in future. It was discovered that digital media has deep impact on student-faculty choices. The growing dependence on the digital platform is the new normal for both students and faculty members. Digital resources have eased the task of research yet they prefer the exchange of information in both the formats. Besides, digital resources have a convenient option for speedy access of information, but both students and faculty members are perplexed if libraries get print less in future.