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Summer 9-4-2021


The emerging trend of digital world is affecting the all sectors related to the information exploration. There has been noticed certain changes in information acquisition, retrieval and dissemination. NDLI has done a lot in this direction by increasing its various information sources and disseminating them among the users worldwide.With right focus, encouragement and support, the NDL India is destined to become a national asset thereby bringing a significant change in the domain of online content search for both academics and general readership” (Bashir).



The establishment of National Digital Library of India has been changed the dimension of digital library and made a remarkable milestone in the world of online information dissemination process .This article explores the current content of documents and learning resources and their growth from the year 2016 to 2021. This paper also includes the subject wise developments of various collections. It is also finds out the coverage of participatory institutional members which share their resources with NDLI. The increasing numbers of registered and active personal members have also been included in this article. Data are analyzed using suitable charts to present the result prominently. Some recommends have been made for the future development and to find out the effectiveness of NDLI.