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It is known that rural libraries have an important role in increasing literacy and improving the quality of life of the community by holding empowerment activities. This study aims to determine the role of the Leshutama Library in the community empowerment of Pakisaji Village, Kalidawir District, Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia. The research is a case study done using a qualitative approach. The subject of this research was the Leshutama Library in which 7 persons were determined as the informants. Sources of data obtained in this study include primary and secondary data sources. Data collection was done through observation, in-depth interviews, and document. Data analysis was done using data reduction and presentation from which conclusions could be drawn. The result of this research is that the Leshutama Library plays an active role in empowering the community in various fields, namely the environment, community skills, and literacy. In the environmental field, the result could be shown from the library’s initiative to plant trees and preserve forests, in improving community skills, the library conducts manual screen printing and soybean fermentation training, and in literacy by providing reading collection materials and form study groups.



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