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This bibliometric study set out to evaluate and analyze highly cited papers in Library and Information Science field (LIS) in the Web of Science database from 1983 to 2018. In this bibliometric study, the required data were extracted from the Web of Science database. First, all documents under the rubric of LIS subject area, including 366,756 documents, were retrieved. The search was then limited to the highly cited papers. Of these papers, 433 ones were in the top-1% percentile rank. Finally, after the bibliometric data of the highly cited papers were extracted in plain text format, Excel and VOSviewer software were run to analyze the obtained data. The results showed that the Highly cited papers in LIS (433 ones) were published in the period 2009 to 2018. The highest number of highly cited papers belonged to 2014 (57 articles) and the subject area was Computer Science Information Systems (239 papers). Moreover, Thelwall, the University of Maryland, the United States, and Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association were the top authors, universities, countries, and journals for publishing LIS highly cited articles, respectively. The co-authorship map revealed that Thelwall, M, ranked first with eight co-authorships. In addition, Haustein, S with 6 co-authorships and Lariviere, V with 5 co-authorships were in second and third places, respectively. In addition, the co-authorship map of the countries publishing the Highly cited papers in LIS showed that the most papers were co-authored by the United States and China (link strength = 24). The results of most frequent keyword visualization indicated that in the last five years, concepts such as bibliometrics, altmetrics, social media, information systems, meta-analysis, electronic health record, social networking sites, and big data have been the most important keywords in Highly cited papers in LIS.