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Purpose/Rational - The study has exclusive purpose to find out the literature growth on Digital and Online Resources of Academic Libraries” within a specific time span 1981 to 2020. Digital resources play an important role in the proliferation of quality research. Plenty of literature has been published on the topic from 1981 to 2020.

Design/Methodology - The present study attempts to analyze the literature using the biliometric technique. Further, the Science Citation Index (SCI) database and Web of Science (Core Collection) has been utilized as a source to extract the available published documents. Furthermore, the investigation utilizes VOS viewer to show the outcomes making a representation picture of the published documents.

Findings - The study findings show that the published documents on the topic are “electronic books” and that the articles written reached out better. The study exhibits that the English language has been used the most to write documents and 2011-2015 has been considered the when most articles published. United States is the top country for such publications while Bar Ilan (Israel) is the top publishing university, the highest number of articles has been produced by Huang YM and the most frequent keyword has been used as e-books. The highly cited article is published with the titled, “E-books or textbooks: Students prefer textbooks” with the citation of 249 in total number.

Value/Originality - The study provides information in a broad way on digital and electronic resources, published literature through a bibliometric analysis.