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Academic tasks from teachers can stimulate students’ information needs. To fulfill it, students can search for information in different ways amongst the students. It is known at SMAIT As-Syifa Boarding School which is an Islamic-based boarding school, there are additional subjects of Islamic teachings that can lead to more diverse and broad information needs for students. It was also found that students’ needs and behavior in seeking information to fulfill tasks were not known. Moreover, the literature on information needs and information-seeking behavior in Islamic boarding schools that are available is still quite a few. This study discussed the information needs of SMAIT As-Syifa students in fulfilling academic tasks, information-seeking behavior conducted to meet these information needs, as well as barriers when seeking information to meet these information needs. The method used descriptive quantitative, and the data collection techniques used questionnaires, literature studies, and documentation. The sampling technique used random sampling technique. The findings revealed that in fulfilling the tasks, the majority of students needed information on science or social studies subjects, needed the internet and internet sites, used reference books, conducted in-depth searches and compiled information search results. Apart from that, they felt confused when they did not find the information needed, and troubled to access computers or laptops. This research is supposed to contributed to student’s information behavior literature, particularly within the scope of Islamic Boarding School.