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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 14 p.


This study evaluates the state of SUBEB libraries/Learning resource centres (LRCs) in three selected states of the South-West region on Nigeria. The study aimed at ascertaining the adequacy and relevance of learning resources, infrastructural facilities and services to the needs of teachers, pupils and other users of the library. Data for the study was collected with the aid of questionnaire administered on both the teachers and library staff as well as interview with both pupils and heads of SUBEB libraries. Also, the researcher visited some of the libraries to observe the collection and resources. The study revealed that most of the SUBEB libraries contain only print based materials as oppose to multimedia materials which now form the major components of school library media collection. However, the study revealed that the SUBEB libraries/LRCs collection and facilities are relevant and adequate to users needs, hence the frequent use of SUBEB libraries/LRCs by teachers. The study revealed government as major source of funding for SUBEB libraries/LRCs as revealed by the study. The study recommends the development of a multimedia collection as well as extension of opening hours beyond school hours in SUBEB libraries/LRCs to attract pupils to using the library. Also, it is recommended that there is need for public – private partnership to ensure adequate funding of SUBEB libraries/LRCs as government alone cannot fund the libraries. Proper evaluation of the SUBEB libraries should be seen as very important to ensure that the SUBEB libraries/LRCs are serving the purpose(s) for which they are established.



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