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Fall 9-9-2021


The aim and objectives of the article is to identify the gender who inculcate more knowledge by means of participating in the webinars organized by the Madras Library Association. Further, to identify the availability of the relationship between “Awareness about the Webinars” and the “Frequency of the participation in the Webinars” and as well as to assess the impact of "Participation in the Webinars" over "Usefulness towards career building". Questionnaires are sent to the participants of the Webinars organized by Madras Library Association through Google Form. The duration of the webinars are the pandemic period of COVID-19. 144 delegates responded to the questionnaire. Appropriate statistical tools such as Regression Test and Correlation have been applied to test the data to test the hypotheses and interpreted in the analysis part of the article. The ratio of the participation of the male dominates the female. The high level positive correlation is proved through the correlation test to interpret that the increase of awareness creates impact in the participation of the webinar. It is also proved through the Regression test that the impact of participation in the webinar influenced the participants towards career building. The participation of the female professionals in the webinars organized by the Madras Library Association are lesser than the male professionals. It is therefore suggested that the Madras Library Association may take more efforts to shed light to improve awareness about the organizations of webinars to female library science professionals and encourage them to participate in the same to match the ratio with the male library science professionals.