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Fall 9-23-2021


The eco-tourism area of the Karangsong mangrove forest is one of the educational tourism areas that is very useful in providing knowledge and insight to tourists about the environment and nature conservation, because in this tourist area there are various types of flora and fauna. To complete information about the types of flora and fauna that exist in the Karangsong eco-tourism area, it is necessary to have sources of information in the form of reading materials, infographics, or in visual form. Departing from this, it encourages researchers to collaborate in pioneering a public reading room park in the Karangsong eco-tourism area. This research uses action research research which is carried out in a cycle which is carried out in four (4) stages, namely the planning, action, observation and evaluation stages. Based on the results of the study, it is known that the availability of reading materials in the public reading room park provides benefits for tourists to gain additional knowledge related to flora, fauna and environmental conservation issues. The presence of this public reading room park is felt to be very useful because in this eco-tourism area there is no special guide who explains to tourists about mangrove forests, flora, fauna, etc., so the existence of a public reading room park can support the mangrove forest eco-tourism area into an educational tour about flora, fauna, nature conservation and the environment which are the pride of Indramayu Regency.



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