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This study explores the factors affecting the reading development of middle schools' students studying in private schools. A quantitative study with the help of survey design was conducted on parents whose children were enrolled in 6th to 8th grades in private middle schools of Lahore, Pakistan. The research findings indicated that excessive use of screens such as mobile, TV, and electronic games are the major problems parents face in the promotion of reading habits among children. The other difficulties include the excessive curriculum textbooks, lack of interest by parents, high cost of reading material, lack of school-level practices, absence of school library. The study also revealed that limiting screen time, giving reading rewards, proper maintaining record of child's reading activities, book talk with peers or in the group, associating reading with pleasure, daily ask the child to read certain words, visit of libraries, book exhibitions and literary places are the result-oriented strategies which can be used to promote reading habits among the school children. Results are valuable for parents, educationists, teachers, and policymakers to minimize reading hurdles and prioritizing strategies in order to develop reading habits among their children.