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The study adopted descriptive survey research design using a sample of 600 students sampled from Awgu and Udi Education Zones of Enugu State as sample. The instrument for data collection was a researcher developed instrument titled Empowering Senior Secondary Students for Self-Reliance and job creation through Library and Information Science Entrepreneurship Education in the pandemic era. It was validated by three experts from the Faculty of Education, two from educational foundations and one from measurement and evaluation. The instrument was trial tested in Onitsha Education zone and the reliability co-efficient obtained was 0.8, 0.76, and 0.79 for the three clusters. The four-point rating scale of Strongly Agree, (4) Agree, (3) disagree, (2) and Strongly Disagree (1) were used to answer the questionnaire. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the three research questions while t-test was used to analyze the hypothesis. The findings of the study revealed that the students acquired some Library and Information Science Entrepreneurship Education and that the students need to be empowered both politically, socially, economically and academically to enable them acquire full Library and Information Science Entrepreneurship Education that could empower them into being self- reliance and have sustainable job creation for others and themselves in their life.



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