Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Introduction: Library branding is a strategy that creates a positive and long-standing image towards the provided services in the minds of users. The present study aimed to explore the barriers and facilitators of branding in libraries and medical information centers in Iran.

Design/materials: This is a qualitative study with the deductive approach conducted using semi-structured interviews with some managers in libraries and medical information centers. Purposeful sampling was employed to gather data. Content analysis was also performed using Maxqada software version 2018 to format the data.

Findings: The obtained results revealed that in order to materialize the branding in libraries, four key structures, including librarians, services, physical equipment and infrastructures, and technology, along with their sub-components, must be improved.

Conclusion: This study offers insights to help libraries survive in competitive environments and, at least, maintain their users by providing innovative and distinguished services. In this regard, the mentioned four key structures need to undergo significant changes



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