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Winter 10-2021

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Background: The evolution of information and knowledge has affected all organizations, including Libraries. Knowledge management is predominant in the fields of business management information systems, Management library and information science. The aim of this study is to identify and gather literature on the concepts of knowledge management (KM) related to libraries.

Methods: The purpose of this article is a bibliometric study on the Knowledge management related to library in the WoS and Scopus databases. The aim is to know main issues such as the evolution of development over the years, Citation, publication, source, author, and country comparative areas are discussed. This study will support potential scholars in this area by offering a summary of the literature they are looking at and identifying new approaches to science to place their own work and the most important authors.

Results: According to the search strategy used, a total of 416 and 277 documents were published in Scopus and web of sciences, respectively. The average citation per document was 7.35 (Scopus) and 4.27 (web of science). The findings indicate an overall gradually rise in the publishing rate over the sample period. The leading countries in KM research were the United States and China, in all datasets, including India and the United Kingdom. Entitled “A formal definition of Big Data based on its essential features” has the highest citations in both databases.

Conclusion: This bibliometric review offers an updated historical perspective on the development of KM study and illustrated the role performed by various contributors. However it does not represent adequately the contributions of African countries and organizations, which implies increased support and an emphasis on KM research to improve knowledge management research