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Winter 9-17-2021


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This study examined the role of school libraries in promoting reading culture among Secondary School Students in Benue State. Four objectives were achieved. The study population was 136 subjects comprising of Senior Secondary School 1 and 2 students and same was used as sample size. The instrument for the study is a structured questionnaire titled ‘Role of School Libraries in Promoting Reading Culture among Secondary School Students Questionnaire (RSLORCSSSQ)’. Data collected was analysed using descriptive statistics, precisely mean. Research question 1 was on the purpose of library use by students. Findings revealed that the students read in the library to “catch funs”, for personal intellectual development, to while-away time, for personal intellectual development and to hide from school works. Findings revealed that students read once a week in the library. Findings also revealed that students spend less than an hour reading in the library. It was found that students prefer poetry, newspapers and magazines, novels and story books and comics. The study also found that the hours for opening the libraries is not convenient for students, most of the school library materials are outdated and are not relevant for students, the school always closes libraries and the school lacks library periods. The study concluded that non-integration of the library in the school curriculum, and “catch funs” were the major causes of poor reading culture. It was recommended that school administrators should encourage students to read to pass examinations, have vast knowledge about the world and development of their personal intellectual capacity, students should learn how to spend enough time of at least 2-3 hours reading in the library as it will enable them cover wide in their books and integration of school library activities into the school curricula should be suitable for students to enable them make good use of school library.



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