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Fall 9-23-2021

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Sentiment analysis is also known as opinion mining. Sentiment analysis is contextual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in textual data. It is extremely used by business, educational organizations, and social media monitoring to gain the general outlook of the wide public regarding their product and policy. The current study looks for gaining insights into user reviews on the National Digital Library of India (NDLI) mobile app (android and iOS). For this purpose, sentiment analysis will be used. It yields an average of 3.64/5 ratings based on 11,861 reviews. The dataset includes a total of 4560 user reviews in which iOS and the android app have received 33 and 4527 reviews respectively as on 7th Sept 2021. AppBot and AppFollow analytics software is used to extract and collect user review information as raw data. The study shows the reviews of the NDLI mobile app as 2130 positive and 1808 negative sentiments for android & 6 positive and 22 negative sentiments for iOS. The overall sentiment score is found to be 66%. The results of the sentiment analysis show that Android users are more satisfied as compared to iOS users. The most frequent complaints made by the users are functional errors, feature requests and app crashes. Some of the major issues that users have complained about are books that need to be downloaded before reading and some pdfs are blank once opened. The value of this research is getting an insight into the behaviour of users towards using apps on different platforms (Android vs iOS) and provides valuable results for the app developers in monitoring usage and enhancing features for the satisfaction of users. The findings reveal that stakeholders/developers need to pay more attention to make the app more user-friendly.