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The advent of mobile apps, smartphones, laptops have made gamification relevant in the last decade. Gamification is an act of using game elements or mechanics to encourage or motivate learners in a non-game context. Examples of game elements are leaderboards, points, badges, narrative, reward, achievement, competition, etc. A Digital library or e-library is a library that stores information in digital form or fulfills information needs in digital format from external information sources to be distributed to users both registered as specific customers and the community. In general, an e-library aims to meet the library users' information, education, research, and recreation needs. E-library is ubiquitous and can be accessed anywhere and anytime in the world. E-library preserves the life span of the information resources. It offers various services such as library tours, library instruction, current awareness, e.t.c. to its users. Despite all these, e-library faces some challenges like lack of expertise, maintenance problem., e.t.c.This paper aims to highlight the gamification in e-library services and the benefits of gamifying e-library services. Suggestions were recommended for future researchers