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This study has investigated the role of librarians’ Information Literacy (IL) skills to enhance the research productivity of Faculty Members of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. The population of the study was the faculty members of the University of Agriculture and five library professionals of the university’s Central Library. A quantitative approach followed by a survey research design was adopted to meet the objectives of the study. Data were gathered through the instrument of the questionnaire. Quantitatively driven data was analyzed by SPSS Software. Results showed that Library professionals played a vital role in the promotion of research culture on the whole. IL instruction programs were of great value for the output of research productivity. Library professionals faced several barriers including lack of information literacy training, Unreliable power supply, the ineffective role of library organizations, lack of funding from institutions, lack of proficiency to use the internet, personal health issues, and official issues like leaves, permissions, work burden, etc. The most preferred suggestions to improve IL skills of LIS professionals and faculty members are; provision of funds or scholarships, revision of LIS curriculum, the active role of Pakistan Library Association (PLA), National IL skills training program for LIS professionals and faculty members, and instructional programs for the improvement of IL skills of faculty members and librarians.