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Summer 9-2021


This empirical study investigated the consciousness and consumption of the Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) database for teaching and research in the College of Agricultural Sciences, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji – Arakeji, Nigeria. The population of the study consisted of the teaching staff in the College of Agricultural Sciences, Joseph Ayo Babalola University. A survey research method was adopted for the study with the use of structured questionnaire as instrument for data gathering. The questionnaire was administered online through e-mail message to the academic staff of the college. The data collected was analyzed by simple frequency count and percentage. The study showed that majority of the academic staff (88.89%) was conscious of the existence of the database in the library. The study also established that the main purpose of TEEAL consumption was for the enrichment and sustenance of teaching and research, although the consumption rate was relatively low due to some hindrances like electricity power outage, lack of training in the use of TEEAL database, absence of an up- to –date version of the database, difficulty in finding information and computer system failure. The paper therefore recommended improvements in the areas of these identified hindrances,