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The study illustrates the development and management of legal information resources (LIR) in the Allahabad High Court Judges’ Library (AHCJL). This work is based on research conducted by researchers as part of his Ph.D. Work. The AHCJL has a collection of numerous types of legal information resources. The AHCJL is accessible only by the honourable judges and court clerks. It is important to note that printed legal information resources are used more frequently than electronic legal Information resources. The study also found that a significant portion of the library's budget was spent on journal subscriptions. Books and bare acts have the highest number and journal subscription is 54, while the bound volumes of journals are 13000. The usage of non-print documents is quite less in comparison to print documents. GR of documents per year is 3.33% for the five consecutive years among them books’ GR is 4.98% and the current Indian journals GR is 1.73%. Subscription GR of current Indian Journals (elect.) is 6.66%, while the online databases GR is 12.5%. The AHCJL must conduct regular usage analysis for both print and electronic information resources and decide on the format of the resource proportionally.



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