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Date of this Version

Summer 2021


The study aimed to analyse the websites of national importance libraries and archives, comes in group namely Knowledge Resources Heritage, under Ministry of Culture, India, which includes 16 websites. The websites were analysed based on languages, rich files, social media presence and network diagrams. Tools used to collect required data were Google Search Engine, Alexa Internet Tool and SocScibot4. The study found that English and Hindi languages are predominantly used in the website content. National Archives of India and Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti has the highest number of rich files, about 506 and 488, respectively. Also, the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies has the lowest bounce rate, i.e. 50%, which is the best among the websites. Through the network diagram, it is visible that very few websites are linked to others. National Archives of India connected to 4 other websites is significant in number. Websites need to improve their SEO results for better visibility.