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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 9 p.


This paper investigated the professional visibility of Nigerian library association (NLA). The descriptive survey method was adopted for this study. Data collected and analyzed was based on 200 non-librarians in Abia state and 25 librarians who are registered members of NLA in the Abia state chapter. 68.5% of the non-librarians whose knowledge of NLA was explored have not heard or know of NLA, while 76% of the librarians, whose opinions were gathered, agreed that NLA is not visible in Nigeria. Tables 4 and 5 in the paper contain the reasons given by librarians as to why NLA is not visible and their recommendations on how to enhance the image of the association, respectively. This paper concludes that NLA, like other professional associations in Nigeria, should find its perceptible niche in the Nigerian community