Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The study examined the extent of practices of staffing and funding for conflict management in college of education libraries in south-east and south-south, Nigeria. The study was carried out using a descriptive research survey method, and two research questions were drafted to guide the study. A sample size of 528 members of colleges of education library staff in South East and South-South, Nigeria was drawn and used for the study a purposive sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was used to collect relevant data for the study. The questionnaire was validated through consultation by 3 research experts. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation was used to ascertain reliability of the questionnaire, and this gave, r = 0.88, which certifies that the questionnaire was appropriate for data collection for the study. Data collected was analysed using Mean, , and Standard deviation, SD, and the result partly showed that staffing and funding practices are carried out for conflict management for enhanced service delivery in college of education libraries. The study concluded that if practices of staffing and funding were maximally channeled to managing conflicts in college libraries, service delivery of the college staff would be enhanced. It was recommended that there should be appropriate allocation and utilization of fund meant for library programs, policies and projects to avoid lapses in implementations of well through conflict management policies for the libraries.