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The main objectives of this study were to investigate the use scholarly journals by the faculty members at GC University Lahore, to investigate the preferred format of journals, and to furnish the recommendations for making effective utilization of journals at Universities. Survey method is selected for this study. The target population of this study was the all-academic faculty members of GC University Lahore. To determine the sample size of the target population, convenience sampling technique was used. The researcher designed a semi-structured questionnaire as data collection instrument on the basis of extensive literature review. The researcher used primary and secondary resources in the development of survey instrument. The response rate was 78.25%. Collected data were tabulated and analyzed through SPSS Version 24.0 to reach at conclusions. Findings of the study reveal that majority of the participants was aware of the basics of internet. Most of the respondents had awareness with the usage and utilization of print and electronic journals. Most of the respondents used internet for exploring journals. Majority of the respondents used electronic journals on daily basis. Most of the faculty members were actively engaged in browsing online journals. Majority of the respondents utilized journals from the university library. Majority of the respondents preferred electronic format for accessing required journals. Most of the respondents couldn’t get home access of electronic journals. Findings and recommendations of this study can be a helpful source for library practitioners, educationists, organizational heads, HEC Pakistan, planners, policy makers and decision-making bodies for increasing usage of journals by the faculty members of the universities.