Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 7-26-2021


This study aimed at shedding light on the progress of the library movement in the centenary of the Jordanian state, by defining the role of libraries and operative institutions in this field, in addition to measuring the reality of the published intellectual production of books and periodicals qualitatively, objectively, and temporally using the descriptive analytical approach (bibliometric). The beginning was from the library of al-Salt School Library in 1926, then followed by public and university libraries, represented by the University of Jordan Library in 1962, accompanied by the establishment of the first institute for teachers to grant a diploma, which evolved into a master's degree in 2007. The total published intellectual production amounted to 1268, most of which were published during the period from (2010-2014), dealing with the topic of types of libraries, and analysis showed that Professor Ribhi Ilayyan ranked first in terms of the most productive authors with (90) publications. The study recommended the importance of finding standards and legislation that support libraries and motivate the support of the library realty financially and morally, raising the efficiency of graduates, and supporting authorship in library science.