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Winter 10-3-2021


Dear Editor,

We are submitting our Master's Project findings based article for possible publication in your esteemed journals.

With regards,

Prof. Margam Madhusudhan

Corresponding Author


Students utilise smartphones to access the Internet for information and knowledge. They gain knowledge through using their smartphone to access a multitude of material on the Internet; thus, knowing how to use smartphones for information access is critical. The study aims to find out the use of smartphones in accessing digital information resources among LIS students. According to the study's findings, the majority of students own and use a smartphone. Almost all the respondents use their smartphones for accessing digital information resources several times a day. The key concerns of smartphones like short battery life, inadequate memory, screen key size and risk of sudden obsolescence, but despite them, due to their ubiquity and immediate accessibility and had an enormous impact on LIS students access to information. The study found that smartphone is 24x7 availability, immediate access to information, and instant information sharing are the top three benefits accrued.