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Fall 10-7-2021


Impact of the Internet on Library Use: Case Study of Technical Diploma Colleges in Goa.


The Internet plays an essential part in bringing about digital revolution in Libraries. However, over the years there is disagreement as to whether it is beneficial to uplift the status of libraries using digital technologies or whether these technologies will eventually replace libraries. Internet is a useful tool, but it is not a substitute. Internet is not digital library. This research paper aims to investigate the influence of Internet on library usage and determine if Internet has lowered library gate counts or increased them. This research is also being carried out to see whether library professionals believe that development of Internet would cause library to lose its basis of existence. This article examines how digital libraries are evolving to meet the needs of teaching and learning, as well as future problems that must be addressed. We make distinction between formal, casual, and professional learning, we also believe that digital libraries will allow instructors and students to access information resources and technology that were previously physically and conceptually unavailable. There's also emphasis on many types of information resources that digital libraries give to instructors and students, as well as some of obstacles and issues that digital libraries bring to teaching and learning. When comparing frequency of library use to frequency of Internet use, it is evident that many people see library as most trustworthy and legitimate source; nevertheless, when asked to choose between the two, Internet came out on top. As a result, library will need to make changes and improve its services.