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Winter 11-8-2021


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This paper examines assessing Library Services in Meeting Users’ Information Needs in Universities in Benue State Rating Scale. The paper adopts survey research. The population of the study was 10,000 library users and one librarian This population consisted of 4,286 (library users) and 1 librarian from the University of Agriculture, Makurdi; 5,520 library users and1 librarian from Benue State University, Makurdi; and 191 library users and 1 librarian from University of Mkar, Mkar. The library users were made up of only registered 400-Level student users of the concerned libraries. The paper used a sample size of 370 library users which comprises of 367 students and 3 librarians. Findings from the study reveals that university libraries to a great extent are providing services that meet users’ information needs. Acquisition and classification services were reportedly provided to a great extent by university library in Benue State. This finding suggests that university libraries in Benue State provided these services adequately enough to meet information needs of users. The findings on the extent to which acquisition services in particular meets information needs of users presented a mixed picture. For example, while acquisition meet information needs of users to a great extent in terms of journal, e-encyclopedia, and e-database, others such as e-books, e-journals, CD-Rom and textbooks presented a negative picture. Thus, indicating that acquisition services satisfactorily meet information needs of users even as result indicated that it was provided at a great extent. Finding of this study showed that classification service satisfactorily meet information needs of the users. However, classification mark was able to link users where to locate related materials on the shelf and also enabled users to know how materials are arranged on the shelves to a great extent. The paper also made some recommendations such as University libraries in Benue State should enhance the acquisition services. This may be through acquisition of current information resources. University libraries in Benue State should re-arc­­­­­hitecture the classifications service. This may be in terms of acquiring state of art classification tools and training staff on the use of tools.