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It is expected that the usage of LIS in research papers will continue to expand in the coming years. This expansion may be seen throughout a wide range of scientific disciplines as well. This study conducts a bibliometric analysis of 1,127 papers on the use of LIS research, which were published in 206 scientific publications and authored by 1,685 authors (245 single-authored documents and 1,440 multi-authored documents). The purpose of this investigation is to determine which issue in LIS is currently trending. To analyze the data, we extracted it from the Scopus database and ran it using R software's Bibliometrix program, which was then imported into VOSviewer. According to criteria derived from citation analysis, we have identified the most important papers, journals, authors, countries, and affiliations in the world. However, even though keywords and phrases are likely to be the most relevant subjects and findings of the research, it is possible that some of the main patterns and concerns that have been covered in the entire text are not well represented in our investigation. In addition, future studies should examine relevant research clusters for developing patterns in LIS in order to provide scientific information.