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Purpose: The purpose of writing this paper is to explore the role of MOOCs in harnessing the various requirements of library fraternity. It also explores the participation of Indian Universities and Institutions on Edx and Coursera, availability of LIS courses and the percentage of learners who successfully completed the course on Swayam platform.

Methodology: The descriptive methodology was used for the study. The data was collected from the official websites of Coursera, Edx and Swayam. All these three MOOC platform were selected on the basis of popularity. The relevant data was collected and analysed.

Findings: The findings reveal that MOOC courses helps the librarians, faculty members and students to bridge knowledge gaps and develops new skills. Some Indian Institutes are members of the Edx and Coursera. There are various LIS courses available on Swayam. However, the enrolment ratio is much higher than successful completion.