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Fall 10-5-2021


The main purpose of this study is to identify the status of support in Iranian library software. This research is among the survey-analytical researches. The statistical population of the present study included commercial library software design companies active in Iran and also the managers of central libraries of public universities in Tehran. Descriptive statistics (frequency, mean) and inferential statistics with SPSS software (mean, standard deviation, t-test) were used to analyze the data. The status of library software support in the surveyed universities is such that the quality of services with an average of 3.49 and a standard deviation of 0.43 is average, the status of support types with an average of 3.64 and a standard deviation of 0.53 is average, development and maintenance with an average 3.49 and the standard deviation is 0.61 on average, software guidance with an average of 3.25 and the standard deviation is 0.40 on average. In general, the support situation in Iranian library software is average. It seems that companies can increase the quality of services provided by adjusting the costs of support services, especially by increasing the speed of diagnosing and solving customer problems, and increase and improve the capabilities and features of software guides, as well as upgrade maintenance levels. And software development to be effective in changing this situation.