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This study reports on internet information retrieval experiences and challenges of Aga Khan University library users. The unit of analysis was obtained through a purposive sampling method and data collected using a structured questionnaire. The data was quantitatively analyzed and descriptive statistics provided. 87% (52/60) of the members in the sample completed and returned the questionnaire. 83% indicated that they had prior computer skills and 52% had training in Internet searching. 35% of the respondents who did not use any of the search techniques indicated, was noted. Gender did not appear to affect use the retrieval of information vis-a-vis use of Internet. There was a difference in the user categories with regards to the use of the Internet for information retrieval. The workstation was indicated as the most convenient location to access the internet. However, different categories gave a different indication. In conclusion, there appears to be lack of optimal utilization of the internet resources available. Lack of knowledge on the use of the search techniques and facilities is noted. The study recommends continuous training of Aga Khan University library users on internet searching and basic computers skills, to enhance utilization of relevant internet information resources.