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This aims of the paper published in DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology (DJLIT) interpretation of fertility over nine eras (2012-2020). The theme depicts the several bibliometric circumstances in the Journal DJLIT, which was published 531 papers throughout nine years over 2013 nos. of citations. As per the investigation, in 2012-2014 most prominent of the records was proclaimed with the highest no of citations with a CPP rate of 4.21 %. The potency of the authors of CAI explicates that a whole of 525 authors published 531 papers, with a CAI varies from 91.78 to 112.18. The level of collaboration deviates from 0.61 to 0.74, with 0.68 obtaining the mean. The country Fiji and Indonesia have the highest no of collaboration, i.e., 16.67 each.