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This is an empirical study that investigated the role of librarians and libraries in the realization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The study was guided by four research objectives that spurred the formulation of four research questions. To realize the objectives of the study, descriptive survey research design was applied with a sampled population of 28 derived from 28 registered libraries and obtained through total enumerative sampling technique. The major instrument used in collecting data is an open-ended structured questionnaire while data collected were analyzed using thematic analysis based on grounded theory. The outcome of the study reveals that the level of awareness or familiarity of SDG among librarians and libraries was low. It was discovered that selective dissemination of information (SDI) and proper information provision will contribute immensely in the realization of SDGs whereas, modern library roles like advocacy programs, community outreach and engagements will aid librarians and libraries to contribute meaningfully towards the realization of these goals. Among the challenges identified militating against librarians and libraries contributing fully to this agenda include: poor funding and inadequacy of library facilities and lackadaisical attitude of some librarians and libraries as well as ignorance of the agenda by some librarians. It was based on the above mentioned identified challenges and more that recommendations were made.