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Introduction: An information retrieval system is widely usedtolocate the information for academic, research and reference purposes by the internet users in a library or Information services department.

Aims of Study: This study aims to analyze the search engine’s behavior on a given query and results for scholarly information, followed by examining precision and recall.

Design/Method: The present study was conducted in a controlled environment where three search engines were selected to examine its recall and precision against 50 queries with basic and advance searching queries. The queries were executed in all search engines. This quantitative study was used on the General, and Subject focus search engines.

Finding(s): The finding of study shows that the precision and recall of FindLaw, was highly followed by Lycos with medium and Yandex the low. Further study can explorethe precision and recall of other searching engines with different subject.

Research Limitation(s): The study highlights the retrieval effectiveness of three search engines in a specific subject.

Originality/value: The research work is authentic and does not contain any plagiarized work.