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Date of this Version

Winter 10-23-2021


Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Academic Social Networking Sites (ASNS) has revolutionized the concept of knowledge sharing and publication pattern in academia. It offers a new paradigm to interrelate research scientists globally, influencing research communities' structure and crescendos (dynamics). This changing trend has attracted considerable attention in the research domain and the consequent impact on library & information science professionals. Due to the high operationalizing ability of these networking sites, it provides online services of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The present study reviewed 23 studies from the past that highlights the methodologies, usage pattern of ASNs, impact on professionals, different categories of services, and issues related to academics and social networking in a researcher's life. This study has implemented the ICA framework, a way forward to conduct meta-analysis studies in LIS, using the two most prominent citation and indexing databases, i.e., 'Scopus' and 'Web of Science'.

Moreover, this systematic review formulated four main research categories: Usage, Impact, Services, and Issues related to the ASNS. On further analysis of these four main research categories, eleven sub-categories evolved across four main categories. Finally, at the end of the study, specific suggestions and recommendations are provided for future studies.