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The present study is an attempt to investigate the research publications on Library management using performance metrics at global, national, institutional and author levels. Library Management is a core function to be performed by Librarians as custodian of information sources and services for the smooth functioning of libraries. So, research in this area is of utmost importance. The study uses data from Scopus indexed in the period 2010 to 2020 and analyze using MS-Excel and maps using Biblioshiny web application. The findings discovered 769 publications at global levels in which the USA has the major contribution of 145 papers. Growth in the number of publications is exponential. Library Philosophy and Practice is the most productive journal publishing quality articles on Library Management. University of Malaya and University of Novi Sad are two most productive affiliations while DKW Chiu is the most productive author. Library Management is the most occurring keyword with 100 occurrences. Followed by Libraries (47), Digital Libraries (36), Information Management (25) and Management (19). The trending areas of research in Library Management are software engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, library systems, information use, human experiment indicating transformation in traditional library management research to ICT driven one.