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Spring 10-26-2021

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The purpose of this study was to examine the usage of online newspapers by four categories of members of staff and students of the University of Ibadan community namely: academic staff, non-academic staff, undergraduate students and postgraduate students. The study was guided by Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology theory. Data was collected from 304 randomly selected members of academic and non-academic staff, and students of the University of Ibadan using a questionnaire. The result shows that younger academics are most likely to gain performance advantage using online newspapers more than the older academics. Irrespective of the income and sex of academic staff, the younger academics are most likely to dissipate less energy using online newspapers than the older academics. Income is the only significant factor in respect of use of online newspapers by students. Attitudes of academic staff have no direct relationship with income or age, but female non-academic staff are most likely to have a positive attitude towards using online newspapers compared with their male counterpart.