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: This study determines the readers’ perception and preferences for both online and print newspapers in the university library. The study employed quantitative approach, in which descriptive survey method was used to gather and analyze data from the students on Rhema University, Nigeria. The population of the study comprises 252 registered students in the library who regularly read newspapers, while structured questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The questionnaire was distributed to a sample size of 100 newspaper readers using simple random sampling while 90 copies were returned and used for the study. The findings revealed that a greater number (52.2%) readers prefer the online version of the newspaper to its print counterpart. Further analysis of the findings revealed that majority of the readers (48.9) find Online newspapers more convenient for reading compare to print newspapers. Greater number of readers (60.0%) revealed that both print and online newspapers are reliable and can be trusted. Also, majority of the readers (40.0%) agreed that “ease of access” is what determines their preference for either print newspaper or online newspaper. Meanwhile, majority of the readers (42.2%) indicated that readership level of online newspapers is greater than that of print newspapers.