Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The study was designed to determine the utilization technology tools by postgraduate students in physical sciences in south west federal university libraries. It ascertained the types of ICT facilities available; utilization, challenges encountered in the utilization and proffer solution. Descriptive survey research design was used to guide the study and 33% of the population (937) which is 312 comprises all postgraduate students in physical sciences in the institutions were made. Out of 312 copies of questionnaire distributed, 280 copies were returned representing 88.05% .quota sampling technique was used due to the enormity of the student population. The face validation of the questionnaire was determined by experts in research. The copies of questionnaire was administered face to face method which involve the researcher and research assistants moving from one department to another and from hostel to hostel. In analyzing the data collected, frequency counts, simple percentage and mean () were used as the statistical method. The result of the finding revealed some of the facilities were available and functional; available not regularly functional, some were available but not functional and some were not available. The different purposes and extent of utilization were analyzed. The study revealed the challenges encountered in the utilization. The research work recommended for the provision of more facilities, accessibility to the facilities, provision of reliable internet services, and centralization of proposed library building on the campus, training and retraining of library staff on technology tools utilization to help students search for information.