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The nature of Nigerian society is characterized with male domination, irrespective of women’s effort, they seems to be always under appreciated. The emergence of ICT has given a ray of light and comes with lot of promising solution to this inequality, more reason why emphasis has been laid on women empowerment because they are most times at the receiving end of gender inequality. The objective of this study is to explain how ICT can help reduce gender inequality and how women can be empowered through the use of ICT. Although ICTs evidently can play an important role in Nigerian development, it must be emphasized that its literacy is what will encourage the usage. The best approach to incorporating gender consideration through ICT is make sure that women are ICT literate. The first would be to make ICT policies more effective; the second would be to develop comprehensive mechanisms to treat gender issues in all ICT policies and programs. The paper recommends empowering women towards ICT by advocating that enabling environment should be created, ICTs in education must be part of the curricullums for girls and boys everywhere in Nigeria from an early age; and men and women should be encouraged to develop content relevant to their interests and needs; among others

Keyword: ICT, Gender Inequality, Women empowerment.