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Spring 11-18-2021

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This paper attempts to analyse the growth and development of Library trends, as reflected in publication output covered by Web of Science online database during 1989-2019. Among these 99 countries, China has created 515 (14.1%) Articles and it occupies the first place of Asian continent. Japan, India, South Korea and Taiwan have more than 50 articles produced in this field. UK has produced 427 (11.07 %) Articles and it occupies the first place of European Continent. Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Netherlands have more than 100 Articles produced in this field. North American Countries contributed their output 1521 in total where the USA Created 1265 (34.6%) stands in the highest position among them all, and the reason may be the impact of the advancement of the new and recent technologies and trends applied highly in the USA and followed by some other countries.